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By Robin Kelly

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“I'm starting to think about genetics, what's passed on. What isn't. I'm thinking of my grandmother, Valerie.”

Named the stand-out cabaret of the year by the NZ Herald, Valerie is an inter-generational, inter-disciplinary and interrupting piece of cabaret theatre that reaches into the guts of family mythologies. Music, genetics and story-telling combine to unravel family history, and to shine a light on the future.

Valerie is a love letter from grandson to grandmother. Gig-theatre at its finest, it is a celebration of resilience, compassion and love.

“As close to a perfect piece of theatre as I could think of... so violently to my taste that I wanted to keep it close to me forever…” PANTOGRAPH PUNCH

“A beacon and lesson for our future.” THEATRE SCENES

"Beautifully polished, striking, recommended…" NZ HERALD

Last Tapes Theatre Company
By Robin Kelly
Composed & performed by Robin Kelly, Tom Broome & Cherie Moore
Directed by Benjamin Henson

6pm: The Mudd Brothers

Festival Mainstage

Thu 19 Oct 2017, 7.30pm
65 mins, no interval

Proudly supported by:

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